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The latest teaching video in the YouTube channel: REASON FOR PROPHECY


Rule #7-enhanced = OCCUPY the EARTH (Until Christ Returns!)

Are you a Christian who feels discouraged by Mr. Trump’s recent “ousting” from the US Presidency?  Forget-about-it, God has everything under control: He yet “has the whole world in His hands”!!  Current events are all very much a part of His larger (MUCH BIGGER!) plan!  GOD KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING!!  In fact, FT Chisholm informs us–that as long as we live in “the safe zone” (he explains EXACTLY what this means) –we have no worries!  Moreover, there is a special reward to all those who remain faithful in this hour.  —And that “special revival” that everyone keeps sensing, lying just over the horizon??  It’s right there, in the Bible, in the prophet Zechariah’s prophecy!  Now made more visible with this enhanced edition (having added scriptural notation) WE ARE CLEARLY HEADING FOR SOME AMAZING DAYS. 

Be encouraged!  We are on the winning side!!!



Rule #6: When Prophecies Fail: KEEP LEARNING!!

Produced with Christ’s “warning parable” of the ten virgins (Matt. 25:1-11) in the background, FT Chisholm addresses prophecy watchers’ concerns regarding the accuracy of prophecy AND OF PROPHECY TEACHERS. For, Bro Frank “proposes” to remind us—when Scripture says that “prophecies will fail,” this must also include the process of interpreting prophecy itself (for “we know in part, and prophesy in part” –1 Cor. 13:8,9). Therefore, should we not always be open to learning and receiving a fuller revelation of what God is actually telling our generation about His plans for the future (John 16:13b)?  

And, what happens when a prophet stumbles . . . What then? Here we meet the question head on, as it relates to one of the Bible’s most colorful of all the prophets: the prophet Elijah.

Required viewing, for all committed to discovering prophetic truth.


Rule #5: (Always) BE PROTECTED !!

Even as a general rule: (always) being protected, is a prophecy reset—a reminder to “keep first things first” in a world gone crazy, as we search for the assuring hope that only Bible prophecy can give to the Christian believer.

Thus, like the disciples undergoing a reset on Easter morn, FT Chisholm finds himself reconsidering the recent presidential electoral process and admitting that “something just doesn’t fit” –as he gets back to basics, reviews God’s marvelous revelations of the past, and reminds himself that, after all, God really does “have everything under control.”

A must see, for those making serious preparation for the future.


Rule #4:  THE REASON "WHY"

In this sequel to his last video (where “The Bride Conquers Depression”!) we go beyond surviving, or simply “thriving” –to an underlying principle not often considered, even within Christian circles.  For here, FT Chisholm builds upon his “overlaps” to challenge us to consider why the angels celebrate as “the bride has made herself ready” in the Revelation (chapter 19).

It is because she has joined her Bridegroom in a truly noble faith: a faith that is most precious in God’s eyes—and that produces a “trophy Bride,” if you will.

For remember, this is all so that we may live with Christ, “happily forever after”!!


Rule #3: FOREVER & THE "NOW"

A true “double header,” contrasting the eternal aspects of John’s Revelation with the “Now,” as seen in one of the seven trumpets.  This is another one for “mature audiences only” and yet, it is doubtful that anyone will view John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ —or the current plague of Depression(!) upon humanity the same, ever again—for here FT Chisholm also takes the interpretation of this amazing book to whole new level, by first showing it to be a wedding gift from the Father to the Son (a must see!). 

Then, as he examines one of the seven trumpets in the second section, FT Chisholm draws on his earlier perspective as an Atheist to give us an interesting view of faith and hope, in a section that might be termed “Faith, Hope, and Depression??”—but which truly ends in hope, at the end. 

As Bro. Frank would conclude: “Be blessed”! 



In this second, in the “Seven Rules . . .” series, FT Chisholm subtitles this video a discussion on “Trap doors” and “Ladders” –going for the jugular, after first informing us that this lesson on Bible prophecy is for mature audiences only, “So, if you insist on holding onto your teddy bear, this video is not for you”! 

Far from being a discussion involving personal vulgarities, however, his teaching actually digs into, what some would consider, an old fashioned discussion of Christian “holiness:” By pluming the depth of heart and soul, he reaches into the underlying issues that form the driving forces fueling the judgment of God . . . “for the time has come for judgment to begin in the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17).  –All of this, and a graphic Post Trib description of Christ’s returning, to boot!





Ask any serious Bible student for a list of rules for a serious Bible study, and there is a high likelihood of their listing, “Check the context,” as one of their top 3 or 4 priorities.  “What is the context of the Scripture?” is a question every serious Bible student considers, when tackling serious (or difficult) passages.  In this new video series, however, FT Chisholm ups the ante as he digs into this subject, and emerges with a more three dimensional approach to the use of this tool, which he calls “situational awareness” –more than mere context, but a spiritual framework which calls the serious student into the inner workings of the heart & soul of the prophet who spoke “as the Holy Spirit guided them” (2 Peter 1:20 & 21).



. . . For the scripture says, "Whoever believes on Him will not be ashamed." . .
(Romans 10:11)