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Biblical Prophecy in "Real Time"

Have you ever questioned what God  is "up to" (in a heavenly sense) in our world, today? Have you started studying end time prophecies by using the biblical text, itself, and felt disappointed (or inadequate)? The writer of the Revelation said that when an angel first offered him the opportunity to "chew" on prophecy, it was sweet to his taste--but grew bitter within his digestive tract (Rev. 10:8-10)! Might it just be that some of us, in our eagerness to present prophecy as a totally positive experience, are missing some of the "meat" of the prophetic message? The goal of this ministry is to help us to hunger for the serious issues of  Bible prophecy while believing that as we prevail to declare God's truth, it will ultimately lead us to God's best for our lives (Rev. 2:7, Jn. 8:32, Jer. 29:11).

For the days spoken of in the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev. 1:1) are upon us now! And for all who come to Christ as little children, there is safety to be found in our Savior's arms (Matt. 11:28-30, 18:3-4).

Through meditations within The UPLOOK periodical, along with a more comprehensive full length book, we are invited to live for eternity today (Jn. 17:3), while looking with expectancy for His return in the skies over Jerusalem (Acts 1:8-11, Zechariah 14:1-3) --very soon.

 Bro Frank's Book is available for a better understanding of what is ahead.


WE MADE IT!  We've actually entered 2021!

(actually, it's no big deal, God always did have everything under control)

So, what lessons may we learn from the year 2020?

(It really would be a shame to go through such a year . . . without learning a lesson or two, don't you think?) 


Every society that desires to be cohesive and join together as a people, must agree on certain basics: of right and wrong, of things we love or detest, and of what we must ultimately...fear.  This is what the children (continue reading)

Lessons from 2020 

Lessons Learned from 2020

Knowing the Difference

Knowing the Difference

What's Next?? 

What's Next ??

Of Basketballs& Justice

Of Basketballs & Justice


Corona World

Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant


The Pearl Harbor Prophecy

The "Pearl Harbor Prophecy"


Identify (with Him)


Hope, in the 21st Century

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Poet's Corner


in the midst of neglect . . .



You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger, And brought them water out of the rock for their thirst,  . . .

    But they and our fathers acted proudly, Hardened their necks, And did not heed Your commandments.


Nehemiah 9:15-16


Outside of our personal thanksgiving,
In the garden where once  we were living
Lies a latent path—where the “free ways” were the best,
Before falling from our cogent Nest
     By partaking of . . . the forbidden.

But now that COVID has scattered our lives & our welfare
With some of our sages all stretched in a tether;
While searching and probing, for paths that are "better;"
Politicos now promise us "peace & ultimate safety"(??)
    In a land that has all but forgotten
        What was once simply sent down . . . from Heaven.

For they tell us that no more rules need be followed
In that new garden where the ground is so fallow
That we need only chase our own tails back to the beginning,                    (Psalm 100:3)
     for new life—and not to former thanksgivings!

No longer are we the “Pilgrim’s Pride,”
Nor adoring Mt Rushmore’s rocky side;
No—we've no Bibles in our schools for young maidens
Nor virtuous songs for young gents, or even the craven
      (--within the COVID-19 haven) . . .

For we no longer look to, or believe in, Heaven;
Or nature’s God, or any such Paradise:
—Our society’s new hope for our little children’s eyes,
Little ears, and their swollen runny noses;
Are the fires that burn down City Hall’s roses,
And the statues, and anything else that unthankfully
--As a road block to Utopian doses
   Of socialism.

But I?
I am thankful that the Father of Heaven
    Has given us
A Savior whom the angel named “Jesus”
To be the Path Way back to finding our living
Once more, in the Garden of Eden,

. . .But You are God, Ready to pardon,

 Gracious and merciful, Slow to anger,

Abundant in kindness,

And did not forsake them.

.                                                                             -- Nehemiah 9:17





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