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Biblical Prophecy in "Real Time"

Have you ever questioned what God  is "up to" (in a heavenly sense) in our world, today? Have you started studying end time prophecies by using the biblical text, itself, and felt disappointed (or inadequate)? The writer of the Revelation said that when an angel first offered him the opportunity to "chew" on prophecy, it was sweet to his taste--but grew bitter within his digestive tract (Rev. 10:8-10)! Might it just be that some of us, in our eagerness to present prophecy as a totally positive experience, are missing some of the "meat" of the prophetic message? The goal of this ministry is to help us to hunger for the serious issues of  Bible prophecy while believing that as we prevail to declare God's truth, it will ultimately lead us to God's best for our lives (Rev. 2:7, Jn. 8:32, Jer. 29:11).

For the days spoken of in the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev. 1:1) are upon us now! And for all who come to Christ as little children, there is safety to be found in our Savior's arms (Matt. 11:28-30, 18:3-4).

Through meditations within The UPLOOK periodical, along with a more comprehensive full length book, we are invited to live for eternity today (Jn. 17:3), while looking with expectancy for His return in the skies over Jerusalem (Acts 1:8-11, Zechariah 14:1-3) --very soon.

 Bro Frank's Book is available for a better understanding of what is ahead.


What truly BIG event, is next on the Propetiic Caledar?


Are many Christians ignoring a glorious, future, event?

“Oh no! Another date setter!”
No, no dates—that is strictly forbidden (Matt 24:36, Mk. 13:32)!!
—Although some still insist that they can determine the date of Christ’s returning “after the 70th week starts”—[nevertheless] .  . .the true God glories in telling us "what will happen"  . . .

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What's Next?? 

What's Next ??

Knowing the Difference

Knowing the Difference


Corona World

Of Basketballs& Justice

Of Basketballs & Justice


Hope, in the 21st Century

Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant


The Pearl Harbor Prophecy

The "Pearl Harbor Prophecy"


Identify (with Him)


Faith Horizon

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Poet's Corner


  ALLERGIC . . . to Paradise

 . . . God gave them up . .

Romans 1:26


Allergic, and deeply hurting,
    As each new day becomes a burden
From COVID, and the “Orange Man.”
    With each new morning in the frying pan
Of public opinion.

Now out of bounds, and forgotten by hounds
   That chase down the minions, whose eyes water from onions
Hammered on the keys of a piano, whose vibrant lilt & crescendo
   Provide a constant, unending, innuendo:
That sounds out the latest agenda of the Times (in New York?)
   --In memories of the unending crimes
                                       (on plantation, gov’mt, or at work?)

For we are too allergic
    To forgive;
And this applies especially, when it comes,
    To Him.

No, not to the Orange Man, or to any actual plan
    That was once quite acceptable,
As we spoon-feed the young & the gullible
    With a new hatred of (sh-h-h) God, himself.

For God’s laws would now make us vomit
     As rioters in the streets, can no longer stomach
That old fashioned “Holy Bible”
    And would charge all –or at least some,
Who would dare to quote from Romans, chapter one;
    Or truly believe in God’s only, begotten, Son!

—All the while denying it, of course(!)
    As we slowly, and with a force renewed
Continue to plod, and march—without remorse,
    And continue to savor all the  tingling, and the sparkling ice
Of a new forbidden fruit
    —That would once again plunge us over the cliff,
And walk each precious person away
     from God’s wonderful plans
             in Paradise.

  "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life,

 which is in the midst of the Paradise of God."
.                                                                             -- Revelation 2:7





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